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oops i have brown eyes. hokay.

so im really thinkin' this weekends gonna suck, dunno why.
who wants to chill?
pshhh no one

The Favorites, Have-You-Evers.. and Last Times! Oh, the variety!

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What is your favorite..
gumorbit white
drinknon alcholic : pepsi or red gatorade
type of weatherwarm and sweet
emotionwell i just LOVE being sad and unhappy. thats definatly my favorite of all
thing to do on a half dayhaha umm go crazy
late-night activitySex.
storeforever 21
When was the last time you..
criedboohoo not in a while actually! whoo go me
played a sporthahaha
laughedtoday for sure
hugged someonetoday
kissed someoneon the lips... hmm
felt depressednot in a while
felt elatedthis weekend
felt overworkednot in a while...
faked sick8th gr.
liedum yesterday
What was the last..
word you saidthink
thing you ateBREAD
song you listened togolden years - bowie
thing you drankfruit punch
place you went toschool...
movie you sawhide and seek. lololol
movie you rentedWHOA i dont knwo
concert you attendedwarped 05
Who was the last person you..
cried overpsshh probably thats stupid boy
kissedlook above
danced withmyself. lolol im sucha dork
shared a secret withhaha i dont know
had a sleepover withsimoen and rachel
calledmost likley rachel
went to a movie withdanielle nicole maddie, rachel, RED EYE
were angry withprobably my mom cause shes stupid
couldn't take your eyes off ofi knwo the answer. you dont
obsessed overEW i wont even say. i dont obsess anymore
Have you ever..
danced in the rainbut of course
kissed someonebut of course!
done drugsnoooo
drank alcoholyup
slept aroundlol no.
partied 'til the sun came upi wouldnt put it like that but in a sense, yes
had a movie marathonim sure its happened
gone too far on a darelol maybe in like 5th grade
spun until you were immensely dizzyagain 5th grade
taken a survey quite like this beforei guess this means the surveys ending

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look @ that snoozlephone.

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